Enjoy your stay!

My name is Jani Taylor

Hope to set up my own art booth.

An accident left me with the inability to walk for 6 months; recovering from pelvis surgery.

However, during that time, I have been reevaluating life and decided life is too short to waste this time I've been given.

I've been putting more effort into art.

Along the way, I have gained a deeper love and appreciation for God's time.

Not mine.

It has truly been a humbling experience.

Broken bones, loss of work, unable to attend school, no place to truly call my own, and living in with my parents at age 31.

God is trying me.

How we respond to difficult situations is important to our health.

Making art and prayer is the only thing that has been keeping me sane lately, as I am unable to work a normal 9-5 job.

I am grateful for that.

learning to see the light in the dark has been a recurring theme in my life.


Never take walking for granted again..


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